What is personifying?

Literally, the word personify means: imagining something as a person. And in practical terms, it is inscribing the urn with a name and text. There are no rules; personal or formal, just a (nick) name, with or without dates, quotes or poems. Just the way you like it and whatever suits your lifestyle. Keep in mind that personifying the Monum urn makes it more recognizable as urn, but also makes it very personal.

At Monum urns the covers are the media for personification. The cover is available as a stage for the identity, date, or small prose poem.

Should I personify an urn?

Strictly speaking, there needn’t be a name or text on an urn when you place it in home or on site. Just as long as you add the cremation pebble* to the urn. If an urn is situated in public space, for example in an urn wall or an urn field, then it should have the cremation number and place visible on the outside. Adding a name or text is not required but rather a general use based on personal preference.

Cremation pebble *

A cremation pebble is the ceramic disc with number and city which comes with the ashes when they are conveyed through the crematorium. This connects the identity number to the ashes. Until the time of spreading the cremation pebble should be saved alongside the ashes, after that it has no (formal) benefit.


If you choose to personify the urn you can easily select this during the ORDER. Other than that, you don’t have to do anything else here. The system adds all costs together, and if you agree to this you can go to the next step, PAYMENT, and complete the order. You will receive a confirmation by email.

Afterwards you get a personal email with examples and the request to choose one of the options and fill in the data. With this we make a proposal and send this back for checking and approval. If you agree with the design the implementation of the personification is put into motion. When all components are ready and we’re going to compose the urn you will receive a notice. This way you remain informed of the latest progress.

Personifying; Matt or Glossy shine

With Urn B’amboo you can choose from two stainless steel finishes: Matt and Gloss. For Urn S’tone this is; Mat. Should you choose to personify the urn the text will be made in contrasting finish. High-gloss surface gets a matt text. On a Mat surface the text is glossy.

The special techniques used to finish and personify Monum urns provide high quality and aesthetic effects with a very exclusive appearance.