Masterly – The Dutch in Milano and Monum

Masterly, the Dutch in Milano and Monum

Enormous interest for the Dutch Design exhibition  Masterly, the Dutch in Milano, composed by Nicole Uniquole. Declared best presentation by Corriere Della Sera, one of the primary newspapers in Italy (Maarten Spruyt and Tsur Reshef), and as a result the main hot spot of the Salone del Mobile ‘16 in Milan. It is great to be part of that with Monum Urnen | Urns.

The audience was packed together before the gate of the Palazzo Francesco Turati. Once inside, they were overwhelmed by the imposing welcome of 15,000 tulips. Their visit took them through more than thirty rooms and spaces to watch the work of 125 designers.

For Monum Urnen | Urns it was the first presentation outside of the Netherlands. And in this select setting, it has convinced us that the innovative shapes and applications of our urns are unique and contribute to the Dutch funeral culture that is developing so quickly. The exhibition was opened by the Dutch ambassador in Italy, Joep Wijnands. On his tour he absorbed the information on the sustainable nature of the Monum family Urn S’tone and Urn B’amboo like a sponge.