When devising and creating Monum urns, we are inspired by the purpose and the place of the urn in your life. On this page we tell the story behind the urns. Get inspired with us.

If you want to keep the urn close by it’s good to have an urn made from material which is gentle to the touch and adds to the sense of belonging. And so, the idea for Urn B’amboo was born. Bamboo has the property that it feels gentle and comfortable, it radiates warmth when you touch it. A beautiful and welcoming effect of nature. Material and shape are brought together in harmony.

Additionally. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly crop. It grows like grass, which it actually is in fact, and when you cut it the stem simply continues to grow. ‘Production’ per stem can easily amount up to several tens of meters per year. Bamboo does not require intensive cultivation, meaning it doesn’t exhaust nature with the use of pesticides or fertilizers. An all-round environmentally friendly material.

Urn S’tone was conceived as having something to reflect on, something to meditate on, at a longer distance for you to go to. What that distance is, you decide for yourself. A few steps right in your own garden, or a longer drive to an urn field or urn wall. A monument, robust enough to withstand the test of time but with the characteristic signature of Monum; kind and gentle.

Just like a family tomb, Urn S’tone offers the opportunity to unite and connect. A valuable practice sadly decreasing in the traditional burial culture, but for us it is a prerequisite for the development of this urn. A family tomb that can contain multiple ash volumes and can be passed on to successive generations.