Urns for your style of life

Monum develops and creates urns from the thought that the ashes of a loved one are stored for a short or longer period of time before being returned to nature. For this, the ashes must not only be protected, but should also be easily removable when scattering them, even if this should only happen after a generation or a longer period time.

Personal choice

The range of Monum consists of three types of urns, five sizes and a dozen colour choices. In combination with the various adjustments of the stainless steel elements and the possibilities of further personalizing the urn, we offer a wide freedom of choice to create a personalized and exclusive urn.

The Monum urn you choose is made according to your personal choices and desires. For this reason we choose to work with small stocks, of which some parts have yet to be adjusted before we can create the urn. This way we can create an exclusive urn with a valuable and personal meaning for you. Depending on the type of urn and your wishes this process may require several weeks for delivery. At the bottom of the product specification the delivery date is specified per type of urn.